Lane Street Project: the border markers.

Here’s the graphic I requested last week. New South Associates displayed it in its PowerPoint presentation to City Council, but did not include it in the final version of the GPR survey report.

The blue dots correspond to the little wooden blocks, spray-painted orange, that New South placed along three edges of Vick Cemetery on June 29. Each pair of blocks marks the head and foot of a grave close to or straddling Vick Cemetery’s current property lines. The City asked for this in service of its stubborn quest for a fence around the site.

It’s a little hard to see. I’ll zoom in. You might want to refresh your memory of our little videoed walk last month as you view these maps.

First, the street-edge of Grid 9, which runs from the parking lot past two power poles. At the far upper right, you’ll see a bit of yellow line. It marks the edge of the public right-of-way, and thus the cemetery’s present-day front boundary. New South did not survey the right-of-way, but there is no reason to believe there are no graves there. Look carefully at the fuzzy gray strip slanting across the image. This is the ditch. At the first power pole, at upper right, do you see where it widens a bit? That’s here, where runoff cascades after every hard rain, and crawfish flap their swimmerets. Several blue dots sit right on the line, and others just inside it, where a fence would run if anyone were so unwise as to install one.

Next, Grid 1, the northwest corner of the cemetery. The graves continue along the edge of the right-of-way. As we round the corner, we are in the corridor marked by Piedmont Natural Gas as the location of a natural gas pipeline easement (though no such easement was filed or recorded at Wilson County Register of Deeds.) In other words, as we’ve seen, there is a gas line running along the edge of the cemetery. There are also, as the blue dots indicate, several graves straddling the border.

Next, the middle section of the western edge. Again, several graves straddle the border.

Finally, the back section. The yellow line is the property line. New South surveyed to the line on the western edge of the property, so its red grid line is shown atop the property line. As New South did not survey all the way to the property line on the back edge of the cemetery, we don’t know where or how many graves lie in this narrow strip. Along the west side, several dots lie on the property line, and one completely outside it in the ¬†natural gas pipeline easement.

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