Black Wide-Awake hit 5,000 posts today, y’all. (This is number 5,002.) Who would ever have thought there’d be so much we could learn about the African-American families and history of a single, small, eastern North Carolina county?

Thank you all for the comments, questions, suggestions, corrections, and encouragement. On to the next 5,000! (May one attest to victory at Vick Cemetery!)


North Carolina Genealogical Society’s 2020 Award for Excellence in Web Presence!

This is a profound honor and further inspiration to keep doing the work of documenting the shoulders we stand on.

Heartfelt thanks to North Carolina Genealogical Society; to Tracy Thompson McPherson for the nomination; to all who take the time to read Black Wide-Awake; to all who have contributed stories, photographs, documents, comments, and questions; and, of course, above all, to the ancestors.