Lane Street Project: new dumping.

Today at Vick Cemetery:

We cancelled our clean-up Monday because of an icy forecast, but the Devil stays busy. The abuse of this sacred space continues, but we are not discouraged. We will report this dumping to the Public Works Department, redouble our encouragement of the city to properly care for and honor the cemetery’s dead, and continue to raise awareness as we clean Vick’s sister cemeteries.

Photo courtesy of Castonoble Hooks. 

Lane Street Project: the struggle.

Today at Odd Fellows and Vick cemeteries.

Some bad habits die hard. Despite the obvious progress made to clear Odd Fellows of a half-century of overgrowth, people continue to use Lane Street cemeteries as a dumpsite.

(Look at those woods though! Not a vine to be seen. Thank you, Lane Street Project volunteers!)

Photo courtesy of Drew C. Wilson.