Lane Street Project: public records request update.

I’m not sure who needs to hear it — city attorney, city clerk, communications director, mayor, council, whomever — but the City of Wilson does not timely respond to public records requests.

I still have not received responses to the July 23 and August 7 requests detailed here.

But there’s this.

In my August 18 follow-up letter to various folk whose titles are mentioned above, I repeated my request for a final version of New South Associates’ GPR report. In response, City Clerk Tonya West told me it’s been posted to the City’s website at this link.

In reviewing the document, I could not find a new graphic New South’s Sarah Lowry displayed in her presentation to council on August 17.  On August 21, I emailed Lowry, West, and Communications Director Rebecca Agner: “Good morning, Ms. Lowry. At Wilson City Council last week, your presentation included a graphic showing markers placed at the edges of the surveyed area. However, I cannot locate the graphic in the final report. Please advise. Thank you.”

Nobody responded. I ratcheted up the request.

Less than two hours later, I had the graphic and — bonus — Lowry’s whole powerpoint.

The graphic deserves its own post, so more about it later. In the meantime, I have a third request pending, dated August 18, and a few more queued up, and I suggest the City refresh its understanding of its obligations under the law with this helpful document.

[P.S. The August 17 council meeting is also posted. Sarah Lowry’s presentation begins at 22:15. Rebecca Agner and another person walk in at 22:46 with stacks of GPR reports to give to council for the first time, though the City had had them several days at that point. See 35:20 for that.]

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