A Sears catalog house in East Wilson?

408 North Reid Street.

Reader Mela Sims identified the house at 408 North Reid Street as a Sears Honor Bilt catalog home (or facsimile) — the Barrington Model — which explains the dwelling’s unique lines among others in the neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.26.45 PM.png

“The Barrington retains the dignity of an old English home and has the practical interior of modern American architecture. Whether you consider economy, beauty or convenience as of first importance, The Barrington home assuredly meets these and every point of merit with satisfaction. Exterior features at once stamp the mark of quality. The well balanced projection at the front forms the entrance, leading to it is a tapestry brick terrace, which is equipped with a porch seat. Sided with wide shingles and exposed fireplace chimney.”

Thank you, Mela! Catalog page courtesy of Photo by Lisa Y. Henderson, 2016.

The legacy of O. Nestus Freeman.

Beating me to the punch, Preservation of Wilson has compiled an inventory of the known surviving work of stonemason Oliver Nestus Freeman. Here you’ll find a photograph and brief description of each building or object, including the Round House and several residences across Wilson. Some have been highlighted in Black Wide-Awake here: 204 North Vick Street, 1115 East Nash Street, 1117 East Nash Street, 1209 East Nash Street, and 1300 East Nash Street.

Freeman constructed the stone exterior of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 612 Vance Street NE, circa 1941.

Preservation of Wilson is an organization dedicated to the revitalization of Wilson’s architectural heritage.

Photo by Lisa Y. Henderson, February 2019.