business directory

Teachers, 1896.

From the chapter concerning Wilson County in the 1896 edition of Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory:

Bransons Business Dir 1896 teachers

  • Joseph Bass
  • Ella Battle
  • Ada Battle
  • John H. Clark
  • Carrie Cooper
  • James A. Cotten — James Arthur Cotton (1862-1922) obtained a medical degree in Chicago in 1897 and practiced there until his death in 1922.
  • A.D. Dawson — Alexander D. Dawson (circa 1860-??) later worked as a fishmonger and merchant.
  • A.W. Jones
  • Charlotte Jordan
  • Maggie Joyner
  • A.J.C. Moore — Thirty-nine year-old salesman Andrew J.C. Moore appears in the 1900 census of Wilson, Wilson County, with children Seneth W., 9, Willie P., 8, and Minnie, 6. In the city directory of 1908, he listed as a teacher, but in the 1922 directory his occupation is grocer.
  • Silas Parker — Born about 1860, Silas Parker was the son of Toney and Julia Parker of Lower Town Creek township, Edgecombe County. He married Mahala Parker in Nash County on 20 December 1888. In the 1900 census of Toisnot township, Wilson County: farmer Silas Parker, 38, wife Mahalia, 31, and children Maggie, 9, Mary B., 7, John W.L., 5, McKilley, 5, and Estle, 1. Silas died before 1914.
  • Henry VickWilliam Henry Vick was a son of Daniel and Fannie Blount Vick and brother of Samuel H. Vick. He graduated from Lincoln University in 1894 and Shaw University’s pharmaceutical program in 1897.
  • Hinton Wilder — Son of Ishmael and Sarah Richards Wilder, Hinton was born about 1864 in Wilson County and died before 1913, per his father’s will.
  • B.R. Winstead — Braswell R. Winstead was a former barber.