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Lane Street Project: an interview.

It was a beautiful day for an interview!

Willie Gay and Henry Tart‘s cleaned and reset headstones are even more impressive up close! Thank you, Billy Foster!

Daffodils in Odd Fellows. I didn’t venture into Rountree Cemetery today, but it typically gleams with buttery drifts of flowers in February.

Finally — a banner! Plus photos of four people — Samuel and Annie Vick, Smith Bennett, and Dempsey Lassiter — buried in Odd Fellows and copies of newspaper death notices for two more. 

Blacksmith Smith Bennett, with his jaunty bowler.

Samuel H. Vick‘s gravemarker.

My thanks to WNCT 9’s Ryan O’Neal Harper for taking an interest in Lane Street Project and providing me a platform to talk about our history and work and to Castonoble Hooks and Briggs Sherwood of the Senior Force for showing up today to keep me company!