legal notice

An acknowledgement and a sale.

Six days after his death, the family of barberĀ Levi H. Jones published a note of thanks in the Wilson Daily Times.

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Wilson Daily Times, 7 March 1961.

A day later, Jones’ niece and administratrix Ruth Jones Plater Brown published a notice of sale of his personal property, which included a piano, furniture, a gas stove, and a 1950 Dodge.


Wilson Daily Times, 8 March 1961.

Suggs Street project.

Wilson Daily Times, 18 January 1961.

In the winter of 1960-’61, the Wilson Housing Authority published a series of notices in the Wilson Daily Times concerning its intent to exercise eminent domain over two parcels of land at Suggs and Moore Streets for Project 20-2A. (Hence, the term “the projects.) The family who owned the land were the heirs of George Washington Suggs, who had died in 1914. (Specifically, they were heirs of his daughters Serena Suggs Moore, Edmonia Suggs Perrington, and Julia Suggs Bryant.)

The development, still occupied, remains the property of the Housing Authority.

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