Handel’s Chorus performs in concert.

Wilson Daily Times, 5 March 1943.

Hartford E. Bess‘ Handel’s Chorus, comprised of teens and young adults, performed to standing-room-only crowds for decades. In 1943, its members included Clara B. Taylor, Pauline Farmer, Ernestine Floyd, Mattie Ford, Eunice McCall, Devera Jackson, Eunice Cooke, Dora Dickerson, Henrietta Hines, Matteele Floyd, Inez Dickerson, Deloris Haskins, Romaine Hagans, Doris Joyner, Herman Hines, Harding Thompson, Ambrose Towe, Thomas Dawson, John W. Jones, Arthur Brodie, and Rudolph Best. Unfortunately, the accompanying photograph is not available.

Anita Patti Brown in recital.

Noted soprano Anita Patti Brown criss-crossed the country (and even South America) in the 1910’s, performing in twice in Wilson in 1914.

Wilson Daily Times, 31 March 1914. 

Presbyterian minister Halley B. Taylor penned a glowing review of Brown’s March concert, lauding her exemplary styling and voice “peculiarly rich and full and completely under control. He also praised the local talent on the bill, pointedly assigning honorifics to “Miss Barnes and Mrs. Whitted as vocal soloists, Mrs. Forbes as violinist, Messrs. Barnes, Thomas, Tennessee and Whitted as quartette, Miss Shepard as elocutionist and Misses Lander and Fitts and others as pianists ….”

Wilson Daily Times, __ October 1914.

Oak Park (Ill.) Oak Leaves, 15 May 1915.

Maud Cuney Hare holds recital at the Globe Theatre.

Wilson Daily Times, 26 January 1923.

Classically trained musician, folklorist, and musicologist Maud Cuney Hare performed a song and piano recital at Samuel H. Vick‘s Globe Theatre in the winter of 1923.

Clipping courtesy of J. Robert Boykin III; photo at Maud Cuney Hare

Saint Alphonsus P.T.A. plans Christmas events.

Wilson Daily Times, 13 December 1945.


  • Gail Peacock — Winifred Gail Peacock (1939), daughter of Levi H. and Eloise Reaves Peacock
  • James Robinson — probably, James Thomas Robinson (1939), son of William H. and Anna Hines Robinson
  • Kirkland Green
  • Josephine Collins — Josephine Gwendolyn Collins (1939-1982), daughter of Ike and Lula Brown Collins.
  • James Taylor 
  • Wendell Hines — Carl Wendell Hines Jr. (1940), son of Carl W. and Ruth J. Hines.

Darden band performs at mass X-ray survey.

Wilson Daily Times, 18 November 1950.

“Hundreds of Wilson county residents yesterday turned out for the opening of the mass x-ray survey which will last until December 23. Part of the crown which attended the opening in front of the county court house can be seen in the top photo. The Charles L. Coon High school band also is shown in the above picture. Colored citizens staged their own opening program at Nash and Pender streets. The Darden High school band can be seen in the bottom photo getting the mass x-ray started in that section of town. …”