house interior

1007 Washington Street, revisited.

We first examined the locally unusual gambrel-front house at 1007 Washington Street here. Built for William Hines as investment property, the house’s early tenants included Howard M. and E. Courtney Plummer Fitts and Oscar and Nora Reid. When I passed the house recently, the front door stood open, and I took a peek inside. 

The front door opens into a vestibule. A staircase rises at immediate left, reaches a landing and turns toward the second floor. I did not venture upstairs. A door into a front room lay to the right, and the door visible below led to a series of at least two directly connected rooms. 

The linoleum covering the floor of the entry way may be original to the house. 

In the front room, an original brick mantel and fireplace surround.

Photos by Lisa Y. Henderson, January 2022.