disorderly conduct

Almost a riot. (On the east side of the tracks.)

In which Spellman Moore‘s squad rescues him as he being frog-marched to court:

Prince Moore WA 7 13 1883

Wilson Advance, 13 July 1883.

The aftermath. Prince Moore, Patrick Brewer, Jerome Barden and Robert Kersey get four months of jail time.

moore sentence WA 3 7 1884

Wilson Advance, 7 March 1884.

  • Spellman Moore — On 27 October 1867, Spelman Moore, son of Louis Ellison, married Jane Barnes, daughter of Balaam and Genny Barnes, in Wilson County. On 9 April 1886, Spellman Moore, 30, married Rose Best, 24, at the Wayne County courthouse.
  • Prince Moore — On 28 January 1875, Prince Moore, 21, married Allice McGowan, 22, in Wilson County. In the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County, Esther McGowan, 65; daughter Alice, 25, cook; and son-in-law Prince Moore, 25, laborer.
  • Major Horton
  • Louis Aiken
  • Jo. Brown
  • Pat. Brewer
  • Jerome Barden — On 25 November 1890, widower Jerome Barden, 33, son of G. and P. Barden, married Laura Cherry in Wilson County.
  • Robert Kersey

Scanselize her name.

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Wilson Advance, 5 March 1880.

“Disorderly conduct” was often a catch-all charge directed at many types of behavior deemed unruly, but not dangerous.

There was more:

7 23 1880

Wilson Advance, 23 July 1880.


On 3 May 1875, in Wilson, Alexander Harris, 40, married Fanny Moody, 25.

In the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County: on Pettigrew Street,  Virginia-born Fannie Moody,  35, “keeping house” with sons William, 11, and John, 8.

In the 1900 census of Washington, District of Columbia: at 2531-15th Street, waiter William Moody, 27; wife Sarah S., 24, a dressmaker; their children Augustus, 5, and Crist, 4; sister-in-law Minerva Vaughn, 10; mother-in-law Mittie Vaughn, 46, cook; and mother Fannie Harris, 55, cook. All were born in North Carolina. (William and Sarah’s Wilson County marriage license indicates that Fannie was already living in Washington when they married in 1892.)

In the 1920 census of Washington, District of Columbia: at 1032 Whittingham Place, paper hanger William Moody, 48; wife Sarah, 44; son Augustus, 26, hotel waiter; widowed daughter Christiana, 24; her children Lorine, 5, Robert W., 3, and Earl, 18 months; William’s mother Fanny Harris, 75; and lodger Hattie Carter, 12.