migration from Connecticut

Fitch reelected commander of Henry Ellis Post 17.

Wilson Daily Times, 10 June 1949.


  • Milton F. Fitch Sr. 

In the 1930 census of New Haven, Connecticut: at 67 Charles Street, mail carrier Collins Fitch, 47; wife Lulu, 45; and children Collins, 25, theatre porter, William, 19, drugstore porter, Harrison, 17, Leroy, 15, George, 12, Milton, 9, Jerome, 7, and Althea, 4.

In the 1940 census of New Haven, Connecticut: Collins Fitch, 56; wife Lula, 54; and children Harrison, 35, club janitor, Leroy, 23, insurance company messenger, George, 21, ring boxer, Milton, 19, new worker, Jerome, 17, janitor in retail clothing store, and Althea, 14.

In 1941, Milton Frederick Fitch registered for the World War II draft in New Haven. Connecticut. Per his registration card, he was born 25 June 1920 in New Haven; lived at 183 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven; his contact was Mrs. Collins L. Fitch; and he worked as a porter at the Winchester Club House, New Haven. 

In the 1950 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 516 Lodge, letter carrier Milton Fitch, 30; wife Cora, 31; children Jerome, 7, Milton, 3, Patricia, 2, and Ernestine and Christine, born the previous December; father-in-law Walter Whitted, 58; and mother-in-law Helen Whitted, 56, 6th grade school teacher.