Quilt square contest winners.

Wilson Daily Times, 29 March 1934.

  • George Coy Cooper — George Coy Cooper (1917-1977) was the son of Roy and Pearl Cooper (and nephew of James Cooper.)
  • John Robinson — John William Robinson (1922-1964) was the son of Lumas A. and Ella Renfrow Robinson.)
  • New Vester School,¬†Holden’s School, Yelverton School, Lucama School, Rocky Branch School — All were Rosenwald schools in Wilson County.
  • Marie Barnes
  • Willie A. Berrett
  • Alma Collins — Alma Collins (1920-??) was the daughter of Lee and Della Collins.
  • Annie O. Hinnant
  • Roger Deans — probably, Joseph Rogers Deans (1918-1979).
  • Dollie Lee Norville
  • Mongora Lucas — Monzora Lucas Williams (1923-1988).
  • Howard School — This school, presumably, was located in Old Fields township.

[Sidenote: the ages of some students relative to their grade levels illustrate the challenges to regular school attendance faced by rural students.]