class reunion

Darden High School class of 1949’s 30th reunion.

Wilson Daily Times, 7 June 1979.

Darden High School’s Class of 1949 celebrated its thirtieth class reunion in 1979 at American Legion Post 17’s hall in East Wilson. Twenty-seven out of about 63 class members attended.

The Class of ’49 was Darden’s second to produce a yearbook, and here are the senior pages:

Henry Arrington Jr., Daisy Lee Artis, George Thomas Barnes, Mary Bernice Barnes, Katie Chestnut Barnes, Ruby Mae Blue, Samuel Wesley Bowens, George Thomas Brodie, Henry Tabron Brodie.

Jacobia Lorenzo Bulluck, Elnora Blanche Cooper, William H. Darden, Lorena Davis, William Lima Dew, Minnie Doris Ellis, Marie Everette, Levolyre C. Farmer, Mae Lillie Ford.

Charles Ervin Howell, Fredrick D. Jenkins, Robert Allen Jenkins, Elroy Jones, Joseph Jones Jr., Phoebe Arletha Jones, Flora Narcissus Little, Georgia Moore, Sarah Ruth Moore.

Daniel Edward Freeman, Joseph Thomas Freeman, Annie Mae Goodman, Gladys Lyvonne Goodman, Lucille Gorham, Helen Delzel Green, Agnes Angeline Harris, Joseph Holiday, Jasper Hoskins.

Addie Lucille Murphy, Louise Parker, Rosa Lee Payne, Eula Mae Reid, Margaret Reid, Bernice Roberson, Daisy Mae Robinson, Charlie Allen Roberts, Ivory Robinson.

Marjorie A. Robinson, Rosa Mae Roundtree, Fannie D. Rountree, Josh B. Rountree, Moses Rountree Jr., Christine Ruffin, William B. Short, James Arthur Simms, Mildred Simms.

Vera Elizabeth Smith, Rosa B. Sutton, Amos Tabron, Helen Robinson, Doris D. Williams, Robert Earl Williams, Annie Ruth Woodard, Fred Augustus Woods Jr., Earl Leonard Zachary.

At least two ’49 classmates — Agnes Harris Locus and Levolyre Farmer Pitt — will soon celebrate their 72nd class anniversary. Do you know of others?

[Update, 4/11/2021: John Stembridge reports that Mildred Simms, too, is looking forward to the 72nd anniversary of her graduation from Darden High School!]

Class of ’34 reunion.

Wilson Daily Times, 7 June 1984.

  • Rosemyer Savage Lathan (1916-2001)
  • Mamie Taylor Alexander (1915-2008)
  • Francis Artis Edmundson — Frances Percell Artis Edmundson (1915-1992), daughter of William M. and Etta Diggs Artis, who lived in Nahunta township, Wayne County, North Carolina.
  • Vivian Grissom Garner
  • Ada Harris Christian — Ada Odell Harris Christian (1913-1992), daughter of Alus and Martha E. Harris.
  • Daisy Winstead Powell
  • Margaret Battle Thompson
  • Jesse C. Lassiter Jr. — Jesse C. Knight Lassiter Jr. (1914-1989), son of Jesse C.K. and Lessie Dew Lassiter.
  • Jesse Lindsey — John Jesse Lee Lindsey (1914-1994), son of Phil O. and Lugenia Hawkins Lindsey.
  • Rhoda Hinnant Brown — Rhoda Vandelia Hinnant Brown (1914-2004), daughter of Dock and Ardelia Reid Hinnant.
  • Amanda Artis Jones — Amanda Bell Artis Jones (1916-2006), daughter of June S. and Ethel Becton Artis.
  • Virginia Artis Reid — Virginia Maye Artis Reid (1917-2006), daughter of Lawrence and Emma Hedgepeth Artis.
  • Gladys F. McCollum — (1913-1998), daughter of Eddie and Rosa McCollum.
  • James Clinton Bess Jr. — (1915-2002), son of Clinton and Minnie Lockhart Bess.
  • Otho Davis — Otha Richardson Davis (1912-2009), son of Otha C. and Ella H. Davis.
  • Lucille Jones Peterson — Lucille Soisette Jones Peterson (1917-2005), daughter of Wesley and Martha Taylor Jones.
  • Robert F. Sheridan — son of Robert and Fannie McCollum Sheridan.
  • Ida Harris Sherrod — (1914-1990), daughter of Leander and Lucy Brooks Harris.
  • E.M. Barnes — Edward Morrison Barnes (1905-2003), son of Lemon and Elizabeth Barnes.
  • Mary D. Wilkins Bass — Mary Della Wilkins Bass (1909-1988), daughter of Redden S. and Mary Hines Wilkins.
  • Beatrice T. Barnes — Beatrice Taylor Barnes (1912-1995), daughter of Russell B. and Viola Gaither Taylor.
  • Charles Darden James — (1914-1994), son of Randall R. and Lizzie Darden James.