Wright completes a nursing course.

Wilson Daily Times, 3 June 1950.

The well-known Lincoln School of Nursing in New York City trained African-American nurses, but I have not found a s0-named school in Chicago.


In the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: tobacco factory laborer Eli Wright, 38; wife Margret A., 34, tobacco factory laborer; and children Eli Jr., 15, Willie, 13, Annie, 11, Henry, 9, and Geneva, 5.

In 1942, Eli Wright registered for the World War II draft in Wilson County. Per his registration card, he was born 9 April 1902 in Darlington, South Carolina; lived at 117 N. East Street, Wilson; his contact was Willie Wright, 117 N. East; and he worked for Cash Williams Farm, care of Art Newton, Wilson.

In the 1950 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 603 Darden’s Alley, Elie Wright, 48, drives truck for county garage; wife Margaret C., 42; daughters Annie, 22, and Margaret, 15; grandchildren Gwendolyn G., 2, Jo-An, 5, and Luther Jr., 6; and father Willie Wright, 91.

Eli Wright died 14 December 1971 in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was born 9 April 1902 in Darlington, South Carolina, to Willie Wright and Carrie [maiden name unknown]; was a widower; lived at 603 Darden Street; and was a retired laborer. Eli Wright Jr., Plainfield, New Jersey, was informant.

Annie Mae Wright died 12 June 1992.

Mother Mary P. Wright.

“Trust in God to meet again.” (A Clarence B. Best production.)

Mary P. Wright‘s family was among hundreds who migrated North from Wilson County in the first half of the 20th century. However, her links to home remained strong enough that her children chose to bury her there, in Rest Haven cemetery.

Wright died 28 October 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Per her death certificate, she was born 2 October 1886 (not 22 May 1860 as her headstone states) in North Carolina; was the widow of Emit Wright; and lived at 621 Dudley Street, Philadelphia. Informant was Henretta Farmer, 621 Dudley Street.

On 13 November 1921, Jessie Farmer, 28, married Henrietta Wright, 20, in Wilson.

In the 1930 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 1112 Carolina Street, rented for $16/month, Jessey Farmer, 34, tobacco factory laborer; wife Henerator, 26, laundress; and children Jessey Jr., 8, Ervin, 4, and Trumiller, 3.

On 30 December 1930, Raleigh Rae Farmer died in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was born 22 August 1930 to Jessie Farmer of Wilson, N.C., and Henrietta Wright of Zeblin [Zebulon], N.C. in Wilson. The infant died of bronchitis.

Jesse Farmer Sr. died 26 September 1931 in Asheville, North Carolina, at the Veterans Hospital at Oteen. Per his death certificate, he was born 1 October 1937 in Wilson to Jeff Farmer and Blanche Gay; was married to Henrietta Farmer; his regular residence was in Wilson; and he did factory work.

Though it is not clear when the Wright-Farmer family moved to Philadelphia, the Farmers, at least, were there by 1942, when Jesse Farmer Jr. registered for the World War II draft. Per his registration card, he was born 22 July 1922 in Wilson, North Carolina; his contact was Mrs. Henrietta Farmer, 621 Dudley Street; and he worked for Benjamin Cohen, 1140 North American Street, Philadelphia.

Jesse Farmer Jr., son of Jesse and Henrietta Farmer, married Virginia Atherine Darden, 24, daughter of William Sr. and Florence Darden, on 29 March 1947 at Crucifixion Episcopal Church in Philadelphia.

In the 1950 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, city directory: Farmer Henrietta 621 Dudley HOwrd5-8655.

Wright’s daughter Henretta Farmer died just four years after her mother, on 5 June 1966. Per her death certificate, she was born 2 July 1909 in North Carolina to Emmett Wright and Mary Pullet; was a widow; and lived at 621 Dudley Street. Jesse Farmer was informant.

Photo by Lisa Y. Henderson, June 2019.

Wanted: colored girl to …

Wilson Daily Times, 29 November 1933.

In the 1928 Wilson, N.C., city directory: Earp Norma (c) student r 106 S East.

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