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Slapped a colored girl.

Slapping black women was epidemic in Wilson in the first few decades of the 20th century. Here, W.D. Ruffin was ordered into court for slapping a “colored girl,” known only by her surname Reid, who allegedly pushed ahead of him in a line at the post office. Clerk W.O. Flowers complained that “the older colored people are more respectful and will wait their turn but that a number of negro boys and girls make themselves obnoxious by endeavoring to shove their way ahead of some one else.” He claimed he was waiting in line when Reid pushed in. He told her he was in front; she argued that she had a right to be there. Ruffin: “Be quiet.” Reid stood her ground, and Ruffin “brushed her cheek with his hand.”

Wilson Times, 9 July 1919.


Sam Vick and his assistants.


Wilson Mirror, 26 February 1890.


Wilson Mirror, 1 April 1891.


Wilson Mirror, 11 August 1891.


Raleigh Morning Post, 14 July 1898.


Raleigh Morning Post, 4 January 1902.


Raleigh Morning Post, 8 April 1903.

  • Samuel H. Vick
  • Braswell R. Winstead
  • Levi H. Peacock
  • Jim Thorp — On 22 March 1900, James J. Thorp, 22, of Wilson, son of Edy Thorp, married Hattie Bunn, 17, daughter of Joshua and Emma Bunn, at Joshua Bunn‘s house in Wilson. Richard Renfrow applied for the license, and Baptist minister Fred M. Davis performed the ceremony in the presence of Hilliard Ellis, Levi Jones and Phyllis Ellis. In the 1912 Wilson city directory, James Thorp, insurance agent, is listed at 654 Viola Street.
  • Fannie McGowan — on 30 August 1905, at the bride’s residence on Vance Street, Henry Matt Daniel, 40, son of Dave and Flora Daniel, married Flora McGowan, 28, parents unknown. A.M.E. Zion minister N.D. King performed the ceremony in the presence of L.A. Moore, J.S. Spell, and Mack Sharp.

Letters remaining at the post office.

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Wilson Advance, 21 May 1880.

  • Hester Barnes — perhaps, in the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County: housekeeper Hester Barnes, 24, with children Lindy M., 3, and Dennis, 1.
  • Norfleet Joyner
  • James Jordan

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Wilson Advance, 17 September 1880.

  • Diana Durding — Dinah Scarborough Darden
  • Emma Gay
  • Alger Vaughn — in the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County: Sarah Dardin, 57, Virginia-born son-in-law Algia Vaughn, 23, daughter Mittie, 22, and grandchildren Joseph, 8, Sarah, 6, and Macinda Vaughn, 8 months.

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Wilson Advance, 21 January 1881.

  • Betsy Dawson
  • Mack Dozier — in the 1880 census of Jackson, Nash County: Mack Dozier, 32, wife Elizabeth, 22, and mother Charlotte Williams, 55. In the 1900 census of Wilson, Wilson County: painter Mack Dozier, 60, wife Elibeth, 48, children Julia, 17, and Sid, 15, and mother Charlott, 89. Elizabeth worked in washing and Sid as a tobacco stemmer.

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Wilson Advance, 11 March 1881.

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Wilson Advance, 8 September 1882.

  • Jack Cohen
  • Elick Moore