Lincoln Street

Attention, Colored People! Houses for sale!

Wilson Daily Times, 7 December 1944.


Wilson has a Woodard Avenue (which runs parallel to Hines Street in East Wilson) and a Woodard Street (which runs parallel to College Street for several blocks between Pine Street and Raleigh Road Parkway.) There is no 600 block of Woodard Avenue. The 600 block of Woodard Street is between Whitehead and Rountree Streets — now squarely on Barton College’s campus — and the site of 610 is roughly under the Barton football stadium’s southwestern endzone. As this area of Wilson was a primarily white residential area, the 600 block may have contained a pocket “colored” cluster such as that found at nearby Pine and Lee Streets. However, the 1941 city directory  shows the block as solidly white.