women’s auxiliary

The Women’s Auxiliary of Saint Mark’s Episcopal.

This folded sheet of paper contains minutes from meetings of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church’s Women’s Auxiliary.


Wilson N.C. Sept. the 29 1909. The woman Auxilliary was open in a short way by the President Mrs Hill. The pastor & supt. gave an interesting talk. The following members paid monthly dews

Mrs Hill 5 cents for

” Perry 5

” Cherry 15

Miss Winstead 10

” Ward 10

Mrs. I.R.C. Clark 10

” Palmer 10     total of 75 c

” Mitchell

” Norood

” Green

” Taylor

” Jones

The meeting was closed by singing Hymn 672 Bless be the tide Benediction by the pastor.

Wilson N.C. Sept. the 6, 19[09?]  The woman Auxilliary met an St. marks Church

Wilson, N.C.

The Woman’s auxiliary of St. Mark’s church met Sept. Oct. the 6, 1909. Opened by singing hymn 582 prayer by the Supt. there were some very interestings things spoken of the following gave some talk about about the work of the woman auxilliary. Messes Mitchell, Hines, Winstead & Clark. Mrs. Mitchell apointed to intertain the Auxilliary by reading miss Winstead & others a few encurging words.

Mrs Perry 5 fo Oct   tots 20

Mrs. Mamie L. Taylor 15 for three monts

Closed by singing 504 hymn my soul be on thy gaurd. & prayer.


The obituary of Caroline Dunston, Daughter of the Elks, Ark of the Covenant No. 214.

Wilson Daily Times, 29 December 1930.


Though this notice gives her birth year as 1865, Caroline Dunston‘s death certificate describes her as 47 years old, i.e. born around 1883. Though imprecise knowledge of birth years were not uncommon in 1930, it’s hard to imagine how a 47 year-old woman could be regarded as “among the oldest members” of Elks Daughters of the Ark of the Covenant No. 214. 

Clare [sic] Dunston is listed in the 1920 census of Wilson, Wilson County, on Lodge Street. She is described as a 30 year-old tobacco factory worker, and her household included children Mamie, 14, servant, and Winnie, 9, and brother-in-law Charles Dunston, 20, lumber company truck driver.

Caroline Dunston appears in the 1922, 1925, 1928, and 1930 Wilson city directories with several related family members — Charles, Leroy, Mamie, Eveline, and Winnie Dunston. 

Nora Whitfield died 23 July 1924 in Wilson. Per her death certificate, she was born in Wilson County [on a unstated date] to William Dunston and Caroline Thomas; and lived at 1012 Robeson Street. Charley Dunston was informant.

William Dunston died 12 February 1926 in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was 28 years old; was born in Louisburg, N.C., to William Dunston and Carolina Branch; lived at 205 Manchester; and worked as a day laborer at a tobacco factory. Informant was Carolina Branch Dunston.

Per her death certificate, Caroline Dunston died 25 December 1930; was 47 years old; was a widow; lived at 705 East Nash Street; and was born in Franklin County, N.C., to Clancie Thomas. Informant was William Dunston.

Contributions to Mercy, part 1.

On 30 January 1947, the Wilson Daily Times published a lengthy list of contributors to the fundraising drive of the Mercy Hospital Women’s Auxiliary. The list, reproduced here in five parts, included many of black Wilson’s leading individuals, businesses and institutions.

Wilson Daily Times, 30 January 1947.

  • Dr. Badie T. Clark — Clark Badie T (Margt S) phys Carolina General Hosp home 607 Raleigh Rd
  • B.O. Barnes — Barnes Boisey O (c; Flossie H) physician 525 1/2 E Nash h 613 E Green
  • Doris Parks — Parks Doris L (c) case war County Bd of Charities & Public Welfare h 604 Green
  • William Hines — Hines Wm M (c; Ethel L) barber h 615 E Green
  • Anna J. JohnsonJohnson Robt Rev (c; Anna) pastor St Marks Episcopal Church h 1111 Washington
  • Norma Darden — Norma Duncan Darden. Darden Norma E Mrs (c) v-pres Darden Mutual Burial Assn h 108 Pender
  • Ethel L. Hines — Ethel L. Cornwell Hines.

All annotations, some edited for clarity, are entries in Hill’s Wilson City Directory 1947-48.

Fine tea and program.

Pittsburgh Courier, 8 January 1949.