Trojan players ready for Homecoming game.

Wilson Daily Times, 26 October 1950.

  • David Smith — in the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: redrying plant laborer Bertha Smith, 36, widow, and son David, 8.
  • Leo Dancy — in the 1940 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: John Dancy, 44; wife Pennie, 39; children Evangline, 20; Lovie, 18; R.J., 15; Olie, 11; and Mildred, 8; and [grandson] Leo, 5.
  • Harold Darden — in the 1950 census of Wilson, Wilson County: John H. Darden, 44, hotel bellhop; wife Estelle N., 43, laundry presser; and children William M., 20, cook and butler, Mildred, 18, receptionist at photography studio, and Harold C., 16.
  • Henry Simms
  • Eddie Best — in the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 406 Walnut, rented for $12/month, Aaron Best, 39; wife Estelle, 39; and children Rudolph, 14, Royce, 10, Harper and Gerald, 8, Eddie, 7, and Nannie Jean, 5.

Tickets available for interstate classic football game.

Wilson Daily Times, 24 September 1941.


Would-be attendees of the football match-up between N.C. College (now North Carolina Central University) and South Carolina State could purchases tickets at several outlets, including these Black-owned businesses — Mack’s Place (owned by Daniel McKeithan), Yancey‘s Drug Store, Shade’s Drug Store, and the Small Town Club. [What was the “Small Town Club,” and who owned it?]

Are you ready for some football?

Via Shaunna M. Stevens, Lisa Jones shared these photos of the Darden High School football team on which her late father, Elroy Jones, played in 1947.

D.H. Atkinson was head coach of the team, and James C. Ellis and Charles E. Branford were his assistants.

The players:

  • Fred Barnes, back, sophomore
  • James Barnes, center, senior
  • Gerald Best, guard, sophomore
  • John Cotton, tackle, sophomore
  • William Darden, center, junior
  • James Dew, end, sophomore
  • William Dew, back, junior
  • Jimmy Ellis, back, freshman
  • Ralph Gay, tackle, senior
  • James George, guard, senior
  • Charles Hines, end, senior
  • Ernest Holiday, captain, back, sophomore
  • Joe Holiday, end, senior
  • Charles Howell, back, junior
  • Robert Jenkins, end, junior
  • Elroy Jones, end, junior
  • Ivory Robinson, co-captain, back, junior
  • James Simms, tackle, junior
  • Clarence Thomas, guard, sophomore
  • Alphonza Watson, back, junior
  • Marvin Weaver, tackle, junior

Wilson Daily Times, 24 September 1947.

Stay tuned for more posts as we follow the Trojans through their 1947 gridiron season!