Wilmington & Raleigh Railroad

Deliver him to Toisnot Depot.

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Eastern Carolina Republican (New Bern NC), 3 July 1850.

And then a shorter version, with different emphasis:

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Eastern Carolina Republican (New Bern NC), 20 November 1850.


will be paid for the delivery of the said HARRY to me at Tossnott Depot, Edgecombe county, or for his confinement in any Jail in the State so that I can get home, or One Hundred and Fifty Dollars will be given for his head.

He was lately heard from in New-Bern where he called himself Henry Barnes (or Burns), and will likely continue the same name, or assume that of Copage or Farmer. He has a free mulatto woman for a wife, by the name of Sally Bozeman, who has lately removed to Wilmington, and lives in that part of the town called Texas, where he will likely be lurking.

Master of vessels are particularly cautioned against harboring, employing, or concealing the said negro on board their vessels, as the full penalty of the law will be rigorously enforced. GUILFORD HORN.   June 29th, 1850