Happy Juneteenth 2023!

The everyday work of Lane Street Project is honoring and uplifting the memory of our ancestors. In these cemeteries, we come closest to the lives of men and women who greeted freedom in 1865. This Juneteenth we rededicate ourselves to the hard work of reclaiming and protecting their resting places.


Caroline Simms Bunch (1855-1925)

John H. Clark (1863-1949)

Charles H. Darden (1854-1931)

Benjamin Artis Jr. (1849-ca.1895)

Jane Rountree Mobley (1855-1931)

Dinah Scarborough Darden (1860-1913)

Samuel H. Vick (1863-1946)

Smith Bennett (1852-1920)

Julius Franklin Freeman Sr. (1844-1927)

Ned Winstead (1859-1934)

Benjamin Woodard (1836-1917)

Nelson (1854-1934) and Mary Ann Bullock Armstrong (1860-1924)

Eliza Daniel Freeman (1854-1913)

Phereby Barnes Artis Barnes (1850-??)

Spencer Shaw (1859-1932)


  1. Yaaaz!!! …and THANKS to you, the Honorable Lisa Henderson, as you enable us to reflect through your diligence of pages such as this one as we join with you to protect those who came before us which is the core of UBUNTU …for we are today because they came before us as shining models of perseverance, intelligence, hard work, determination, excellence, voices and strides for freedom , justice, and equality for us to emulate. Let FREEDOM ring!!!!!! ASHAY.

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