1. I would like to thank you again, for all of your posts about Wilson, NC. Every time I read an article, especially, during the late 19th century to 1920, I think about my ancestors that resided there during that time. However, ALL of your posted articles are so informative and enlightening. The pictures are beautiful, also. I just can’t thank you enough.

    Linda Tart

    (Grand daughter of Arthur Tart Sr. The grand father that I never knew)

      1. The picture of those four students, is nothing less than exquisite. However, I do not consider my grandfather as a distant relative because I knew my grandmother. The issue with my grandfather was, he died when he was 37 or 38, therefore, he never knew any of his grandchildren and his 5 children were between the ages of 8 and a new born. Subsequently, they knew very little of him, also. I hope you continue to post about Wilson, NC. It was such an INTERESTING place.

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