Lane Street Project: Vick Cemetery revealed.

In June 2022, New South Associates conducted a ground-penetrating radar survey of Vick Cemetery.

Last week, via public records request to the City of Wilson, I asked for a copy of the GPR report. (Having heard nothing about the results of the survey, I assumed I would be told the report had not yet been completed and was not yet available.)

Today I received the report.

It is dated 7 September 2022.

My first emotional response was disappointment, followed closely by anger. And then I opened the 143-page report. And was overtaken by grief.

It will take me a minute to digest this document and pull together my thoughts on its significance for past and future. For now, I shame the devil by sharing its heart — the revelation that Vick Cemetery holds at least 4224 dead. That it is nearly FULL of graves. And the City was in no hurry to tell you about it.



  1. Breathtaking and sad at the same time. Thank you for everything you are doing to reclaim/preserve this history.

    1. Shocking that the desecration continues. The city council and a select commission member are in cahoots to the benefit of themselves. There is a definite conflict if interest on the commission.

  2. This is astonishing! Without your commitment we would have never known this many of our ancestors were buried unknown to us.

  3. We thank Almighty God for the persistence and courage of His servant , Lisa Henderson. This is the day of REVELATION of all truth. Our grandparents told us that “one can run, but they can’t hide”……forever.

    I first cried like a baby with sorrow when I read that the final resting place of 4,224 persons that lived, loved, and died in Wilson had been utterly disregarded as having been human beings that deserved decency in life and death….simply because of the color of their skin.

    Then, I started rejoicing as I realized that through this report their lives had been resurrected from the stench of sinister acts of disregard for God’s creation .

    The evidence has been made clear ; let’s continue to watch God in Wilson, NC. as He continues to show His might. Those dried bones are speaking and will, by the spirit of the Lord, cause the town to transform…………without the politician’s permission. I’ve been waiting since I grew up there and saw so much that I knew wasn’t right ; I’ll keep praying and keep watching. THANK YOU, LORD!!

    1. Sister Rashid, That Part ! MY Mothers Mother is interred there plot unkown. ALL of MY Mothers living days were consumed in agony over not knowing the actual site. I told ” Cast.” that HE and ” Lil Hen ” were resurrecting the spirits of the ” ancestors ” , just as the ” creator ” deemed it from the onset of creation. I am simultaneously pleased but not satisfied, discouraged but not dissuaded ! I thank G_D for you anthropologist for your supreme thoughful perserverence. MY appeal to the local wideawke ” politrickions ” is to support your efforts with all the resources within their per view and be reminded that there are some your truly included who don’t fight like the forces amongst the ” LSP . “

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