Lane Street Project: a step forward.

Vick Cemetery in the gloaming, June 2022.

Last night at Wilson City Council meeting:

“Good evening. I am Lisa Y. Henderson of Atlanta, Georgia, and Bel Air Avenue, Wilson. I am curator of the blog Black Wide-Awake and founder of Lane Street Project.

“I am not in Wilson as often as I would like to be, but was excited to learn when I got home today that ground-penetrating radar is slated to start Monday at city-owned Vick Cemetery. It is a fitting undertaking for the day after Juneteenth and an important step to restoring dignity to our community’s dead. Though we will never know exactly who is buried in Vick, we can know more about the number of people buried there and where their bodies lie.

“I and, I’d wager, every African-American in this room, have family in Vick Cemetery, and the city’s recognition of its responsibility to this sacred space is welcome. I thank Mayor Stephens, members of council, the city manager, and any and all city employees who have or will have a hand in this important endeavor. The dead cannot speak, but this survey will help voice their stories. Again, thank you.”


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