High school renamed for C.H. Darden, who had “a fine spirit as a citizen.”

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Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 1.39.41 PM.png


Wilson Daily Times, 22 January 1938.


  1. Great article I think I asked previously but this Mr Darden was from Greene County? Wish to confirm before I share this info that Darden High School was named after a gentleman once a slave in Greene County.
    I so wish I had attended the event of the opening of the The Roundhouse A/American Museum so I could’ve met you in person .I watched it on fb.Thanks for all you do. Have I ever asked you if you knew a former teacher named Eunice Flemming.I can’t remember her maiden name,but her father was a minister there in Wilson.Flemming talk music at my high school here in Snow Hill,the former Greene Co Training School,which was renamed South Greene High School circa 1963-4.Flemming had a daughter named Gayle.My brother said he thought Flemming died while I was living in DC. Take care & thanks for all you do to keep the history of our people aluve.


    1. Hi, Michelle. Yes, I responded — Charles H. Darden was born enslaved in Greene County. And thank you! I hope you have an opportunity to visit the Round House when operations resume. I don’t know of a Eunice Flemming. My mother taught at the old North Greene in the very early 1960s.


  2. What a pleasure to see in print the stories of my youth and to recall the cousins and neighbors. The builder mentioned built the house,I grew up in. Cousin C, L. Was a daily visitor in my home during my preschool era. Personal knowledge of this distinguished clan was a source of esteem.
    This historical perspective added to my lifelong esteem for my alma mater C. H. Darden High School.

    Thanks again Judia for the post.


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