Studio shots, no. 153: Robert David Bynum, Jr.

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Robert D. Bynum Jr. (1918-1994).

In the 1920 census of Cross Roads township, Wilson County: farmer David Bynum, 34; wife Hattie H., 26; and children Eva M., 3, and David Jr., 1.

In the 1940 census of Springhill township, Wilson County: Davaid Bynum, 53; wife Hattie, 46; and children Eva, 23, Daviod, 21, Effie, 17, Roy, 15, Nettie, 13, Olivia, 11, Doris, 8, and Deborah, 6.

In 1940, Robert David Bynum registered for the World War II draft in Wilson County. Per his registration card, he was born 29 July 1918 in Wilson; lived at R.F.D. 1, Lucama; his contact was father David Bynum; and he worked for Howard Watson, Park Avenue, Wilson. The registrar noted that Bynum was “sick in bed with asthma.”

On 18 December 1943, Robert David Bynum Jr., 25, of Lucama, son of David and Hattie Bynum of Lucama, married Ruth Shaw, 21, of Kenly, daughter of Grocer and Nettie Shaw of Kenly, in Smithfield, Johnston County.

Robert David Bynum Jr. died 16 June 1994 in Lucama, Wilson County.

Photo courtesy of Leroy Barnes.


  1. Don’t know how I missed this article! It’s my mom’s uncle! I know very little about the Bynum side of my family, so thank you so much Lisa, for sharing this info 💙

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