Employees of Wainwright Foundry.

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On 18 May 1985, the Wilson Daily Times printed this remarkable photograph with the caption: “The employees of Wainwright Foundry, located on the north side of Pine Street between Broad and Kenan streets, posed for this photograph in 1894. From left are Jack Williamson, Frank Perry, George Rowland, Ad Holland, proprietor George H. Wainwright, William D. Thomas, Parker Battle and Smith Bennett. (Photo contributed by Hugh B. Johnston, restoration by Claude Anthony).”

Hat tip to Jim Skinner.


  1. I am the great granddaughter of Parker Battle. This is the first time I have seen his picture! Thank you so much for this posting. How can I obtain a copy of this photograph?

      1. Thanks! By the way I do not know my Meyers cousins. I know my grandfather’s sister was Olga Battle Meyers, but know very little about that side. I would love to connect with them.

  2. Happy birthday to my cousin! Great granddaughter of Parker Battle, Mae Beckett Castenell.

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