Early 20th-century colored schools.

Rosenwald schools
Evansdale School, near Black Creek
Holden School, Holden’s Crossroads
Jones Hill School, near Wilson
Kirby’s Crossing School, near Kenly
Lucama School, near Lucama
New Vester School, near Sims
Rocky Branch School, near Buckhorn Crossroads
Saratoga School, near Saratoga
Sims School, Sims (partially standing)
Stantonsburg School, Stantonsburg
Williamson School, near Lucama
Wilson Colored High School (later known as C.H. Darden High), Wilson
Yelverton School, near Fountain (partially standing)

Non-Rosenwald Schools
Bynum School, near Driver’s Store
Calvin Level School, near Lucama
Elm City Colored Graded School, Elm City
Farmer School, near Cliftonville
Mitchell School, near Dunn’s Crossroads
Turner School, near Elm City
Wilbanks School, near Bridgersville
Wilson Colored Graded School (later known as the Sallie Barbour School), Wilson

List adapted from “Survey File Materials Received from Volunteer Surveyors of Rosenwald Schools Since September 2002.” See also this research report on Rosenwald schools in Wilson and neighboring counties.


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