Report on Schools in Wilson County, North Carolina 1925-26.

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State assistant agent for Negro schools William F. Credle prepared this 1926 report on Wilson County’s Rosenwald schools. Yelverton School was in far eastern Wilson County, just northeast of Saratoga in the protruding corner formed by the boundaries with Edgecombe and Greene Counties. Evansdale, presumably, was in Evansdale community, a few miles northeast of Black Creek and north-northwest of Stantonsburg. New Vester, presumably, was at or near New Vester Missionary Baptist Church, northwest of Rock Ridge in the western part of the county. Saratoga and Stantonsburg Schools were located in their eponymous towns.

For a history of the establishment of Wilson County’s 14 Rosenwald schools and a comprehensive assessment of the two remaining, Sims and Yelverton, see this report.

Department of Public Instruction, Division of Negro Education, Correspondence of the Superintendent, Rosenwald Fund, State Archives of North Carolina [available at]


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