Stephen Woodard’s enslaved, part 2.

When Stephen Woodard Sr. executed his last will and testament in 1858, he determined the fates of 72 enslaved African-Americans.

In Item 8th, son Willie Woodard received 11 enslaved people. Woodard died in 1864, and all were likely freed before his estate was distributed. Though they presumably were in Wilson County at Emancipation, I’m able to trace forward relatively few people.

  • Barden

In the 1870 census of Snow Hill township, Greene County, North Carolina: farm laborer Badan Woodard, 49; wife Serenia, 40; and children Jesse, 16, Smithy, 14, Amos, 18, Mitchel, 13, Ollin, 10, May, 3, Mike, 6, and John, 1.

On 6 December 1877, Jesse Woodard, 20, of Greene County, son of Barden and Seney Woodard, married Lucy Swinson, 17, of Greene County, daughter of John and Hannah Swinson, in Bull Doze township, Greene County.

In the 1880 census of Bull Head township, Greene County: farmer Barton Woodard, 59; wife Smithy, 54; children Rena, 30, Amos, 25, Marshal, 17, Zacharias, 15, and Sarah, 12; and grandchildren Amos Jr., 10, Mary, 6, and Charles, 5.

On 20 March 1884, Robert Manuel, 24, of Greene County, married Smitha Woodard, 30 of Greene County, daughter of Barden and Seney Woodard, at Barden Woodard’s in Snow Hill.

On 20 May 1905, Oliver Woodard, 43, of Greene County, son of Barton and Sena Woodard, married Annie Sutton, 45, of Wayne County, in Wayne County.

Martha Woodard died 8 November 1927 in Bull Head township, Greene County, North Carolina. Per her death certificate, she was 69 years old; was born in Wilson County to Barden Woodard and Silva Woodard; was single; and was buried in Lindell. Charley Woodard was informant.

Jessie Woodard died 12 February 1930 in Goldsboro, Wayne County. Per his death certificate, he was 63 years old; was the son of Bardan Woodard and Senie Woodard; was married; worked as a laborer; and was buried in Greene County. Jessie Woodard Jr. was informant.

  •  Sy

Perhaps: Simon Woodard, who  registered his 12-year marriage to Charity Woodard with a Wilson County justice of the peace in 1866.

  • Reddic
  • Jonas

On 17 November 1866, Jonas Woodard and Lucy Daniel were married in Wilson County.

In the 1870 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: farm laborer Cooper Woodard, 56; wife Candiss, 56; and Austin, 21, Jonas, 24, Handy, 17, and Esther Woodard, 21. Cooper claimed $225 in personal property. [Austin and Handy, and perhaps Jonas, were Cooper Woodard’s sons by previous relationships, and Esther was Austin’s wife.]

  • Sena and her four children Smithy, Amos, Jesse, and Michel

Sena was the first wife of Barden Woodard, above. She apparently died between 1870 and 1880.

On 5 October 1886, Amos Woodard, 38, of Greene County, son of Borden and Conia Woodard, married Venus Lynch, 30, of Greene County, daughter of Peter and Hannah Dawson, at Bull Head township, Greene County.

Amos Woodard died 15 January 1916 in Speights Bridge township, Greene County. Per his death certificate, he was born about 1850 in Wilson County to Bart Woodard and Senie Woodard; was married; worked in farming; and was buried on the Edmundson Place.

  • Maram and her child Bedy

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