Barton College + Black Wide-Awake.

Lead by Lane Street Project volunteers Castonoble Hooks and R. Briggs Sherwood, professor Lydia Walker and about 40 Barton College students, as well District 1 council candidate Kahmahl Simmons and his son, spent this past Wednesday morning clearing 40-year mounds of trash and tree debris from Odd Fellows.

Last night, I spoke at Barton College’s Howard Chapel to an audience of students, faculty, and members of the community. I talked about the “why” of Black Wide-Awake, and my enduring connections to this imperfect place — Wilson. I’ll post the text soon.

I’m excited finally to forge connections to Barton and look forward to the ideas and energy the college can bring to Black Wilson’s stories.

Thanks to Jamar Freeman for sharing the image.

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