Lane Street Project: where the last gravestones stood.

This, of course, is the map of Vick Cemetery plotting the locations of all its visible graves circa 1995. The version I received from the City in response to a records request was grainy, but Wilson Times supplied a cleaner version. The City has not provided (or cannot provide, because it is lost or was never created in the first place) a key to the numbers or otherwise identifying the locations and names on gravestones. However, a friend with surveying experience has cracked the code on the numbering system.

To recap, a surveyor prepared this map ahead of the removal of overgrowth and grading of Vick Cemetery. All detectable graves, whether marked by gravestones or indicated by grave depressions, were numbered and plotted on the map.

Per information, the cemetery’s corner pins and other control points are labeled with the lowest numbers and are highlighted in yellow on the map above. On the right, a broad white expanse reveals that the surveyor did not detect any graves in a strip of land along its northeastern edge, representing approximately twenty percent of the cemetery’s surface. (This is the edge that includes today’s parking lot.) It’s not clear why this is so, as gravestones and slumps are clearly visible today on the other side of the fence that divides Vick and Odd Fellows, and GPR has revealed that this section of the cemetery is quite dense with grave anomalies.

The numbers 20 to about 200 were assigned to graves marked with objects, whether headstones, foot stones, vault covers, slabs, or other markers. Those graves are highlighted in light blue. I know it’s a little tough to see, so I’ve zoomed in one section:

I apparently will never lose the ability to be struck dumb by a Vick discovery. Will you look at this? Look at that row of five graves numbered 109, 110, 111, 112, and 113. Surely this was a family plot, marked with headstones, until the City pulled them up and tossed them, figuratively speaking, in a pit.

Per this map, just under 200 grave markers were standing in 1995 when the City hauled them out. Untold numbers of markers, like the dozens we’ve unearthed in Odd Fellows Cemetery, undoubtedly lay just below the soil surface. We may not know the names of these 200 but, with this highlighted map and the precise location data supplied in New South Associates’s report, we know exactly where they were.

The location of graves 109 through 113 on the Vick Cemetery GPR map.


  1. We can’t call all of their names , but we know that they are there and where they are. THANKS, LISA.

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