The last will and testament of Bushrod Dew.

Bushrod “Bush” Dew executed an unusually detailed will two months before he died in April 1920.

First, he requested a decent burial with “suitable headstones,” which we have seen here.

He then bequeathed his wife Susan Melton Dew a life estate in the house in which they lived, which was situated on one-eighth acre of land. That land was part of a one-acre tract Dew bought from Donaldson [Dollison?] Powell. After Susan Dew’s death, the house and small lot were to pass to their son Van Dew.

Susan Dew was also to receive all household and kitchen furniture. Daughters Nannie Dew, Effie Dew Parker, and Lossie Dew Best received one-quarter acre each from the one acre purchased from Powell.

Bush Dew’s son Van and three daughters were to divide equally 13 acres adjoining the property of Walter Woodard, Wiley Rountree, and others, and Van Dew was to receive the remaining one-eighth acre of the one-acre parcel above.

However, “on account of the unfaithfulness of my son Ed Dew to his parents and on account of his neglect to take advantage of the opportunity of an education which I have tried to give him,” Ed Dew was to receive twenty-five dollars and nothing more.  All other property, other than money, was to be divided among Bush Dew’s daughters.

Any remaining money was to be held in trust for five years, then equally divided among Dew’s daughters and son Van.

For more about Bushrod “Bush” Dew, see here and here and here.

Will of Bush Dew (1920), North Carolina Wills and Probate Records 1665-1998,


  1. This is so exciting! Your research has definitively proven to me that my paternal great grandmother, Caroline Dew Dawson was the daughter of Raiford Dew and sister to Bushrod Dew. Thank you!

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