Black Wide-Awake hit 5,000 posts today, y’all. (This is number 5,002.) Who would ever have thought there’d be so much we could learn about the African-American families and history of a single, small, eastern North Carolina county?

Thank you all for the comments, questions, suggestions, corrections, and encouragement. On to the next 5,000! (May one attest to victory at Vick Cemetery!)


  1. & I hope you go for 5000 more!!! I’m a 16 year old boy so interested in “Lane Street Project”. Ms. Henderson, thank you for being such a blessedly spirit. The City of Wilson is rooting for you.

    1. Semaj, your comment is best thing that happened to me today! Thank you! I hope you’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at our clean-ups — there are so many ways to help. I’m cheered to know you and others are rooting for me — I’m fighting for all our ancestors!

  2. Congratulations on your milestone! Your posts are enlightening and educational. Thank you for your hard work with the cemetery and your posts.

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