The Commercial Bank block.

Wilson Commercial Realty Company commissioned a survey in November 1925 of three commercial buildings it owned at 418, 420 and 422 East Nash Street between South Pettigrew Street and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, adjacent to the African-American-owned Commercial Bank.

The labels on the buildings — grocery store, clothing, barber shop — were perhaps intended to suggest suitable uses for the spaces, as they do not correlate with the businesses listed at those addresses in 1922 or 1925 city directories.

I have not been able to identify businesses for 418, which stood closest to the railroad.

In the center building, James Henry Barnes operated a barbershop at 420 1/2, which perhaps was a second floor space. Cutt Davis and James Mack operated the Baltimore Shoe Repair Shop at 420.

At 422, next to the bank, Leroy G. Hemingway operated a second-hand furniture dealer and repair shop, The Furniture Exchange.

Blueprint courtesy of J. Robert Boykin III.

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  1. Thank you for your work, and for sharing it. I have a 2xs great grandmother from NC, married to Hayes Wheeler Mayo, of Goochland Co, VA, sometime around 1900 (someone else claims to have found the marriage docs but I have not had time to verify that her name was Celeste Armstrong), who died fairly young, when her daughter, my gr grandmother Senorah Mayo was around 10 yr old, give or take.

    We may be related!
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