The colored painters meet.

Wilson Daily Times, 21 March 1936.

Who were “the colored painters of Wilson” during this period?

I’ve been able to identify James Ashley Whitfield, David Dupree, Butler E. Jones, Alexander Obery, and Samuel Swinney as painters active in the 1930s. (Commercial painter Ramon Martinez was in Wilson by 1940, but probably had not yet arrived in 1936.)


  1. Butler Elwood Jones was my great-grandfather! Yes, he was a painter and so was his sons( John Jones, William Bill Jones), grandson (James L. Williams, who was also a maintenance and electrician tech.). His legacy continues as a hobby and profession for some family members: great- grandsons (Harold, John, Willard Williams) and nephews (Harold, Bill, Charles Bullock).

    1. Fantastic! I knew most of the Bullock brothers when I was growing up and was close to Jake and Harold’s children. My father was good friends with several of the brothers. If you have photos of Butler Jones I’d love to feature them here!

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