Lane Street Project: planning for Season 2.

I met up with stalwart Castonoble Hooks for a walk-around at Odd Fellows yesterday morning.

The front section looks pretty good, thanks to LSP’s good friend Jeff Barefoot. Councilman Derrick Creech recently advised the City that volunteers had agreed to mow once a month, and we greatly appreciate his efforts and their generosity.

The dumping of granite scraps by parties unknown continues. This is not an old headstone. This is somebody’s trash.

The Rountree sign was in Odd Fellows, the Vick sign was face-down in the field, and the Odd Fellows sign got shredded, but I’ve got a replacement on deck.

Henry Tart’s obelisk, which was invisible from ten feet last year this time. Removing the heavy wisteria overgrowth from the tree canopy has exposed the forest floor to sunlight, and a dense carpet of baby wisteria and opportunistic weeds like poke has sprung up. Near the bottom right corner, you can see the angular blades of a yucca, which were once commonly planted at the heads of graves. Weed eradication efforts at Odd Fellows will take care to avoid yucca, daffodils, and other memorial plants, which are by now sixty or more years old.

Corp. Willie Gay’s headstone had been swallowed up again, but we found it and knocked back the weeds. Gay was a veteran of the Spanish-American War; we hope to honor all the cemetery’s veterans next Memorial Day.

We remember the men, women, and children buried in Vick. Stay tuned for information about Season 2 of the Lane Street Project, including ways you can support our efforts to reclaim Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Photos by Lisa Y. Henderson, November 2021.

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