Olive Freeman, nurse.

Wilson Daily Times, 5 March 1918.

Olive Freeman was the sister of O. Nestus Freeman and Julius F. Freeman Jr. and daughter of Julius and Eliza Daniel Freeman


In the 1910 census of Wilson, Wilson County: house carpenter Julius Freeman, 65; wife Eliza, 54; and children Nestus, 28, brickmason labor, Ollie, 18, Daniel, 14, John, 7, Junius, 22, Ernest, 20, and Thomas, 17.

  • Lincoln Hospital — Per the website of the New York Public Library Archives and Manuscripts, “The Lincoln School for Nurses, a privately endowed institution, was founded in 1898 in the Bronx to train black women to become nurses at a time when this kind of education was not available elsewhere. It was the first school of its type in the United States. The Lincoln School was located on the site of the Society for the Relief of Worthy Indigent Colored Persons, which began operation in 1839. In 1902 its name was changed to Lincoln Hospital and Home, and in the 1920’s it became affiliated with Lincoln Hospital, which was operated by the City of New York. The Lincoln School’s first graduating class was in 1900, with a total of six graduates. 1961 was the year of its last graduating class. A total of 1,864 black women from the United States, Haiti and other Caribbean countries, Bermuda and Africa attended the Lincoln School for Nurses.”

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