A house blazed on the other side of town.

Wilson Daily Times, 20 January 1899.

In January 1899, a house owned by Annie Barnes and occupied by Ed Humphrey and George Rogers. The “two fire companies” that responded were, presumably, the all-white city department and all-black volunteer Red Hot Hose Company. Neighbor B.F. Briggs, as indicated by the honorific “Mister,” was white.


  1. And this Mister happened to be my 2nd Great Grandaddy .. this would have been his house in the 200 block of East Douglas Street tgat I have read about .. right across the street from the WFB .. is there a date? BF Briggs’ son Roscoe G Briggs was the first fire chief of the WFB and may have led the forces out to fight this fire! It’s all news to me!

  2. I see the date now .. I have a photograph of the Wilson Fire Brigade taken in front of the station .. Great Grandaddy Briggs long bearded and the shortest guy in the lineup also stands out for the Chief’s helmet he is wearing .. this could have been around the same time ..

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