The family of Simon and Isabel Locus Baines.

The family of Simon Baines, seated middle, and Isabel Diana Locus Baines, seated at left. Son Henry Roscoe Baines stands behind and between them. Daughter Zannie Baines Hinnant, holding her daughter Vandelia Hinnant, sit at right. The other children on the front row are Cornelia, Roy, and James Baines. Standing left of Henry Baines are daughter Fannie Baines and son Frank Baines. Roscoe Baines’ wife Minnie Barnes Baines stands next to him. Beside him are Zannie’s husband Robert Hinnant and William Arthur Baines.


In the 1880 census of Oldfields township, Wilson County: Simon Baines, 30, wife Isabel, 27, and children Duncan E., 9, Henry R., 2, and Vandelia, 5 months, plus Hasty Locust, 21. Simon, Isabel and Hasty’s ages were indicated as approximate.

In the 1900 census of Oldfields township, Wilson County: farmer Simon Bains, 53; wife Isabell, 47; and children Frank, 18, Zannie, 15, Cora, 11, Julia, 8, William A., 7, and Fannie, 2.

On 2 December 1906, Robert Hinnant, 21, of Springhill township, son of H.D. and Mary Hinnant, married Zanie Bains, 20, of Oldfields township, daughter of Simon and Diana Bains. Missionary Baptist minister William H. Mitchiner performed the service.

On 12 January 1910, Henry R. Baines, 32, of Oldfields, son of Simon and Diana Baines, married Minnie Barnes, 34, of Wilson, daughter of George and Annie Barnes, in Wilson.

On 23 January 1910, Jarvie Hinnant, of Nash County, son of Gray and Milbry Hinnant, married Julia Bain, of Oldfields, daughter of Simon and Dinah Bain, in Oldfields township.

In the 1910 census of Oldfields township, Wilson County: farmer Simon Banes, 58; wife Dina, 56; children William A., 16, Fannie, 12, and Henry O., 33; and daughter-in-law Minnie, 31.

In the 1920 census of Oldfields township, Wilson County: on Jones Hill Road, farmer Simon Baines, 67; wife Diana, 64; daughter Fannie, 22; and grandchildren Troy Lee, 7, Loretta, 4, and Della May Baines, 2.

Simon Baines died 8 September 1930 in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was 80 years old; was born in Nash County to Mack Eatman and Rachel Baines; was married to Diannah Baines; resided at 806 Singletary Street, Wilson; and worked as a tenant farmer. Henry R. Baines, 309 Reid Street, Wilson, was informant.

Diana Baines died 16 January 1937 in Wilson. Per her death certificate, she was 85 years old; lived at 1010 Singletary Street; was born in Nash County to Gaines Locus and Zanie Locus; and was the widow of Simeon Baines. Informant was Roscoe Baines, 309 North Reid Street.

Fannie Baines died 5 September 1951 in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Per her death certificate, she was born about 1898 in Wilson County to Simon Baines and Dora Locus and was married.

Cora Hinnant died 25 January 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Per her death certificate, she was born 25 December 1891 in North Carolina to Sim Baines and Diane Lucas; was the widow of Eddie Hinnant; and lived at 3124 W. Clifford Street, Philadelphia. Informant was Arthur Baines.

Photograph (enhanced by Devon Brooks) courtesy of Abdul East.


  1. Roscoe Baines of 309 Reid had Wife Minnie Baines a daughter Hattie Baines and a son Charlie Baines. Roscoe Baines was a trained carpenter.

    1. Henry Roscoe Baines was my great great grandfather. His son Ernest Baines was my great grandfather. Ernest’s daughter Edwina Baines was my grandmother & Edwina’s son James Baines East is my Dad.

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