Marble competition.


Wilson Daily Times, 2 July 1940.

Parker Reuben Battle was born in Wilson on 21 July 1928 to John Battle and Gladys O’kelly Battle. [His aunt, Roberta Battle Johnson, was one of the teachers who resigned en masse to protest the mistreatment of teacher Mary C. Euell by a white superintendent.]

In the 1930 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 322 South Spring Street, owned and valued at $8000, cooper John Battle, 39; wife Gladis, 26; and children Grace G., 3, and Parker, 1; also, blacksmith Timothy Black, 23; wife Grace, 30; relative Olga L. [Battle], 22, public school teacher.

In the 1940 census of New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York: at 154 Crosby Place, garage helper Arthur Johnson, 30, wife Cora, 30, boarding house keeper, and son Arthur W., 9; brother-in-law Jack Willis, 33, chauffeur, and [Johnson’s] sister Pricie, 24, and children Albert, 3, Anna, 2, and Joan Arlene, 3 months; porter Herman Murphy, 28, and cook Vernon Murphy, 28; lodgers Grace Jean Battle, 13, and Parker Battle, 11; and lodger David Johnson, 21, waxer. The Battle children were reported as born in North Carolina and living in Wilson in 1935.


  1. This is my family. My family lived 1200 Queen Street, Wilson, North Carolina. Parker Battle was my father, a marble player as a child and won the award at the World’s fair. Grace, his sister was a registered nurse in New Rochelle, New York, until her death at the age of 89. After losing his father, John Battle died and his wife Gladys O’Kelly Battle took their two children to live in New Rochelle, New York. Parker worked to help provide for his Mother and Sister, served in World War 11, and retired from (3) jobs, Post Office, City of New Rochelle, and the Standard Star Newspaper. Parker made sure his mother, Gladys was provided and cared for until her death in 1996, at the age of 92. Parker moved back to North Carolina at the age of 85 to live with and cared for by his only daughter, Carol Battle. Parker passed away at the age of 92. His daughter became a Doctor and opened a business in Raleigh, North Carolina as a legacy of her father the Parker Ruben Counseling Center. Parker would tell his daughter all the time…”No such word as can’t”. Those words helped Carol to overcome many hurdles in live. The Battle family has a long history of Doctor’s Lawyers, Artist. Her grandfather, John Battle brother was a doctor in Greenville, North Carolina, by the name of James A. Battle. Their father name was Parker Battle, and mother Roberta Burston Battle….Love

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