The Stantonsburg Street School has a successful term.

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Wilson Daily Times, 23 May 1929.

Stantonsburg Street School was also known as the Colored Graded School and, later, Sallie Barbour Elementary School.

“The wife of Prof. J.D. Reid” was Eleanor P. Reid.


  1. My mother Cora Greene Wellington Dawson , who is now 92 yrs. old , attended Sallie Barbour school beginning in 1934 for 2 years where Mrs. Reid was the principal. She recalls that Mrs. Reid had a big bell and rang it when school started (and everyone had to be seated) , at lunch time, and at the end of the day. She remembers eating peanut butter with jelly sandwiches and homemade soup at school everyday…no charge. She remembers huge swings and merry go rounds in the playground and outside toliets. She remembers teachers Mrs. Georgia Dupree , Mrs. Butterfield who taught 4th grade, Ms. Addie Hagans, and Ms. Celie Norris who was my dad’s third grade teacher who lived in a 2 story house on Pender St. (now demolished) behind the Presbyterian Church on Greene St. She said the teachers , who were sharply dressed with heels and suits, would walk down Wainwright St. to school . She remembers the Rhythm Band. She said when the school closed all the teachers went to Darden. Submitted by her daughter, Dr. Judy Rashid on 6-8-20

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Your mother is around the age of my uncles, who also attended Sallie Barbour. My father, who’s 85, attended Sam Vick Elementary. I didn’t realize that Addie Hagans taught at Sallie Barbour. She must be about your mom’s age. I did a post about Celia Norwood’s house, which Calvary purchased for a church expansion. If your mother has photos from her school years that she’d like to share, I’d love to post them. Best regards to you both.

  2. Part II: Former student Cora Greene Wellington Dawson (92 years old in the year 2020) further remembers that the school was located on the adjacent lot to where the cinderblock apartments are presently located; the section of land across the intersection perpendicular facing Cemetery St. She stated that students entered the school on the Stantonsburg St side (now known as Pender St.) ; the back of the school faced Manchester St. Thus, this residential section of Wilson is / was often referred to historically as “the school yard” long after Sallie Barbour School was no longer there. My generation did not know why it was called this , but now I do know thanks to my Mom.

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