N.C.C.U. ’39.

From the 1939 edition of The Eagle, the yearbook of North Carolina College for Negroes [now North Carolina Central University.]


  • James Anderson Holden

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In the 1920 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 703 Lodge Street, bricklayer Edd Holden, 36; wife Gussie, 30; and children Carrie, 15, Anderson, 12, David, 8, Roy Lee, 6, Russell, 3, and Thurman, 1.

In the 1930 Wilson city directory: Holden Anderson (c), driver Independent Elec Ice Co, r 703 S Lodge.

  • Carl Frederick Reid

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In the 1920 census of Wilson, Wilson County: Judge D. Reid, 47, wife Elenora P., 41, and children Bruce P., 17, James D., 15, Thelma R., 11, Carl F., 7, and Herbert O., 4.

In the 1930 census of Wilson, Wilson County: banker Judge D. Reid, 52, public school principal Elnora Reid, 50, sons Fredrick, 17, and Herbert, 14, and lodger Edwin D. Fisher, 36, a studio photographer. The house was owned free of mortgage and valued at $6000.

Carl Frederick Reid registered for the World War II draft in Washington, D.C. Per his draft card, he was born 12 September 1912 in Wilson, N.C.; resided at 535 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.; his contact was mother Eleanor P. Reid, 600 East Green Street, Wilson; and he was employed by the federal government.

Carl F. Reid died in March 1982 in Washington, D.C.


  • Beulah Bowens

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In the 1920 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 710 Manchester, oil mill laborer Jacob Bowens, 24; wife Flossie, 25; and children James, 2, and Bulah, 1.

In the 1930 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 709 Stantonsburg, school janitor Jake Bowens, 36; wife Lossie, 33; and children James, 12, Beulah C., 11, Jacob Jr., 9, Frances L., 6, and Hoover C., 1; plus mother Sabrina Cobbs, 50.

Beulah Bowens Fuller died 22 February 1997 in New York.

  • Alice W. Jones

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  • Charles B. Lassiter

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