The Book and Garden Club.

An early photo of the Book and Garden Club, founded in 1948 by Anna B. Johnson and Norma Darden, who are seated at the table. Behind them, from left, Beatrice McCowan (fourth), Courtney Fitts (fifth), Willie H. Freeman (eighth, just over Mrs. Johnson’s shoulder), Johnnie Boatwright (ninth), Estelle L. Shade (twelfth) and Flossie H. Barnes (thirteenth).

Image courtesy of Anna Hines, reprinted in Wilson Daily Times, 15 February 2008. Many thanks to Mrs. Inez Dickerson Bell for helping identify some of the club members.


  1. First on the left in this picture is Della Plummer Battle, sister of E. Courtney Plummer Fitts. She is my grandmother. I have seen this picture but didn’t know the occasion/group.

    Love this site!

    1. Wow!! Thank you! And thank you for the compliment on the site. If you have old photos of the Wilson Fittses, I’d love to share. (H.M. Fitts Jr. and my dad are old friends.)

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