Shaw ’45.

From the 1945 yearbook of Shaw University:




  • Grace Whitehead Artis — in the 1920 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: on Saratoga Road, Henry Whitehead, 48, wife Victoria, 32, and children Willie, 27, Della Mae, 13, Catherine, 9, Odell, 7, James, 5, Grace, 2, and Rosalie, 1. Grace Whitehead, 21, of Wilson, daughter of Henry and Victoria Whitehead, married Separise Artis, 25, of Wilson, son of James and Attie Artis, in Nashville, North Carolina, on 1 August 1938.
  • Annie Lee Woodard

[Personal note: Mrs. Grace W. Artis taught me math in sixth grade and, in an addition to unraveling the mysteries of multi-digit divisor long division, first recognized my need for  eyeglasses.]


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