Where did they go?: Pennsylvania death certificates, no. 3.

The third in a series — Pennsylvania death certificates for Wilson County natives:

  • Willie Taylor


In 1942, Willie Taylor registered for the World War II draft in Pennsylvania. Per his registration card, he lived at 2118 West Jefferson Street, Philadelphia; was born 16 April 1886 in Wilson; and his closest relative was Jesse Taylor of the same address. At “Employer’s Name and Address”: “Self” — Elder — Just returned from Cuba. At “Place of Employment or Business”: Bishop Ida Robinson, 920 North 19th Street, Philadelphia. [This was headquarters of the Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, founded by Bishop Robinson.] He signed ‘Elder Willie Taylor.’

  • Carrie Spicer Davenport


  • Exum Creech


In the 1880 census of Springhill township, Wilson County: Limbrick Hinnant, 22, and Zana, 33, Thomas, 12, Rome, 10, and Exum Creech, 8, all servants in the household of white farmer Wiley T. Williamson.

  • Jesse Walter Winstead & George L. Winstead



The death certificates of brothers Jesse and George Winstead both list their birthplace as Elm City, which is firmly in Wilson County. However, census and other records suggest that, while Elm City was their postal address, the Winstead family in fact lived inside the Nash County line.

In the 1900 census of Coopers, Nash County: farmer Charles Winstead, 56, wife Rhoda, 45, and children James, 28, a farmer, Anna, 26, Lucy, 23, George, 21, Nora, 19, Amanda, 17, Addie, 15, Mollie, 12, Charley, 10, and Jesse, 8, all farm laborers, and widowed father Peter, 85.

  • Ferebee Rowe Kates


In the 1910 census of Taylors township, Wilson County: carpenter Samuel Rowe, 74, wife Louisa, 62, and daughter Farrebe, 23.

On 17 April 1919, Van Cates, 33, of Taylors township, son of John and Frances Cates, both deceased, married Fereby Rowe, 33, of Wilson, daughter of Sam and Lou Rowe.

In the 1930 census of Taylors township, Wilson County: Van Kates, 42, wife Phereby, 46, son George, 17, and boarders William Flemming, 52, and Rosevelt Bains, 17.

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