Studio shots, no. 9: Henry Barnes.


In the 1910 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: widow Rosetta Barnes, 60, with sons Tobie, 27, a widower, and Henry, 21. Tobie and Henry were wagon factory laborers.

On 15 May 1912, Henry Barnes, 23, of Wilson township, son of Short and Rosetta Barnes, married Lena Woodard, 20, of Taylors township, daughter of Bill and Zilpha Woodard. John Barnes, an A.M.E.Z. minister performed the ceremony in the presence of Thomas King, Harry Tart, and [illegible] Williams, all of Wilson.

In the 1920 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: at 414 Pine Street, widower(?) Henry Barnes, 27, with sons Harvey, 8, Wesley, 6, and Lester, 4.

Photograph courtesy of user speedoo251.


  1. Henry and Lena Woodard Barnes were my grand parents.
    My grand mother raised me and I was born and Delivered
    by Dr. Barnes at 815 Stanstonburg Street, Wilson, N.C.
    Lena Woodard Barnes was a descendent of Elder London Woodard:

    Relationship to her.
    Elder London Woodard, Sr. (1791 – 1870)
    paternal grandfather

    William “Bill” Woodard (1853 – 1924)
    son of Elder London Woodard, Sr.

    Lena Woodard
    You are the daughter of William “Bill” Woodard.

    Eureka!!! I new about Harvey G. Barnes. Thanks, for your
    reach and Info.

    Lisa, What do you know about the “Hidden Figure” Christine Barnes Richie
    and her Barnes Family relationship to other Barnes. Anniebell Williams Ricks
    and my mother remembered her as a teen her Dad was a Deacon McKinley
    and Hagar Hagans attending St. Paul Church on Lake Wilson Road, where my mother is a member

    Richie was the second of six girls born to a tenant farmer on Old U.S. 264

    McKinley and Hagar Hagans
    Catherine Slade, the Barnes’ third daughter
    Romaine Barnes Harris, 75
    Elmer Dunn Barnes
    Ruby Jeannette Barnes
    Birtha Barnes
    Rebecca Barnes

    McKinley’s Brother:Clarance Barnes/Lossie Baker, Charles W Barnes
    Sister: Victora Barnes, Lizzie M Barnes

    Mc Kinley Barnes: Anniebell Williams Ricks knows Christine Barnes Richie.
    She remembers her as a teen ager and said Mr. McKinley was a Deacon at St. Paul’s
    St. Paul Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, 4009 Lake Wilson Rd. – Wilson, NC 27896

    Father’s Name Mc Kinley Barnes (1909)
    Mother’s Name Hayar Hagans
    Father’s Name Lovett Barnes (1860)
    Mother’s Name Lucy E Wells
    Lovett Mother: Jennie Jannie Barnes/Edward Smith

    Spouse’s Father’s Name James Hagan
    Spouse’s Mother’s Name Hannah Hagans

  2. Hi, is this the Leroy Barnes who’s my parents’ neighbor? You’ve provided lots of interesting information — I’ll try to follow up on your leads! Thank you, and thanks for commenting.

    1. No, I don’t think so, I lived on 815 stanstonburg St. near the corner of Elvie Street. in Wilson, NC. I new of three Leroy Barnes in Wilson, one was a Fire chief.

  3. We met prior to this. I e-mal you several years ago on information about London Woodard(1791)
    the info you sent me is what help me start my family tree.

    Again, Thanks,

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