Marriage to maids is like war to men.

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Wilson Blade, 20 November 1897.


  • Alice Darden — Alice Darden, born 1879, was the daughter of George and Ava Darden. In the 1880 census of Speights Bridge township, Greene County: laborer George Darden, 22, wife Ava, 18, daughter Alice, 1, and niece Rose, 10. The couple had married 14 February 1878 in Greene County, and their marriage license lists George’s mother as  Mariah Darden and Avey Thompson’s father as Bryant Thompson.
  • Allen Morgan
  • L.A. Moore — Lee A. Moore.
  • Rev. N.D. King — Nicholas D. King, born about 1873, was a native of Princess Ann County, Maryland. He was apparently newly arrived in Wilson, as an 11 December 1897 report in the Raleigh Gazette named him as head of a Lumberton, North Carolina, church. The following spring, he married Mamie Gay. In keeping with the dictates of Methodist itineracy, the family moved often, and census records and city directories over the next  few years place them in Edenton, North Carolina; Norfolk, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rev. King died in 1943 in Buffalo, New York.

ND King

Buffalo Courier-Express, 1 October 1943.

  • S.A. Smith — Simeon A. Smith.
  • Mamie L. Gay — Mamie Lee Gay, born 1880, was the daughter of Samuel and Alice Bryant Gay, and appears with her family in the 1880 census of the Town of Wilson, Wilson County. On 16 March 1898, she married Rev. N.D. King at Saint John A.M.E. Zion. Rev. O.L.W. Smith performed the ceremony, and S.A. Smith, H.H. Bryant and W.J. Moore were official witnesses. Mamie King died 28 July 1927 in Chattanooga and was buried in Wilson.
  • Annie L. Darden — Annie Lee Darden, born 1878, was the daughter of Charles H. and Dinah Scarborough Darden. She married John M. Barnes, son of Charles and Rebecca Barnes, on 22 December 1903. [Was Annie the bride’s cousin? Because the identity of Charles Darden’s parents is now unknown, their relationship remains speculative.]


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