Judges of elections.


Wilson Advance, 15 October 1880.

  • Wash Sugg — George Washington Suggs was a Greene County native. In the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County: brickmason Washington Sugg, 51, wife Esther, 38, and children Nicy, 21, Sarena, 17, Cator, 16, Molly, 12, Edmonia, 10, Juda, 5, and James, 3. Wash Suggs died 19 February 1914 in Wilson. His death certificate lists his parents as Lu Suggs and Gulia Best.
  • Howell Durden — See Howell Darden here.
  • Raiford Daniel — In the 1880 census of Black Creek, Wilson County: farmer Raiford Daniel, 58, wife Emma, 56, sons Raiford, 16, and Jacob, 14, and granddaughter Lessie Heggan, 8.
  • Pat Williamson — See Patrick Williamson here.
  • Hilliard Ellis — See Hilliard Ellis here and here.
  • M. Adams — Probably farmer Moses Adams, 49, listed in the 1880 census of Taylors township, Wilson County, with wife Rebeca, 46, Aggy, 21, Billy, 14, Nathan, 7, and John, 2.
  • Stewart Williams — Stewart Williams, son of John Halie and Eliza Williams, married Margaret Farmer, daughter of William and Mary Farmer on 23 December 1869 in Wilson County.
  • Hilliard Woodard — Hilliard Woodard, son of Mose Barnes and Winney Woodard, married Rose Ellis, daughter of Benjamin and Nelly Bynum on 11 January 1868 in Wilson County. In the 1880 census of Gardners township, Wilson County: Hilliard Woodard, 30, wife Rosetta, 25, and children Winnie, 9, Aaron, 8, Mary E., 6, Cora, 3, and James, 1.
  • Frank Woodard — Probably the Frank Woodard, 37, who is listed with wife Appie, 32, and sons Frank, 11, and Romilus, 9, in the 1880 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County.


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