300 acres to be sold at the courthouse door.

Wilson_Advance_11_25_1881_Eatman_estate_ad (1)

Wilson Advance, 25 November 1881.



By virtue of a decree of the Superior Court of Wilson county, rendered January 5th, 1882, I will sell at the Court House door in Wilson Monday the 6th day of February 1882, the lands whereof Nelson Eatman died seized, consisting of three tracts adjoining the lands of M.M. Mathews, Deal Howard, William Taylor and others, containing three hundred acres more or less. Terms: one thousand dollars cash, balance on credit of eight months. Title reserved till payment of all the purchase money.  F.A. WOODARD, Adm.

Wilson Advance, 3 February 1882.


Nelson Eatmon married Marinda Locust on 29 January 1835 in Nash County.

In the 1850 census of Nash County: farmer Nelson Eatmon, 34, wife Rinda, 33, Rhoda, 14, Wilmot, 12, Priscy, 10, Ginny, 8, Smithy, 6, and Alford, 4.

In the 1860 census of Old Fields township, Wilson County: farmer Nelson Eatmon, 50, wife Morinda, 45, and children Elizabeth, 20, Ginsey, 18, Smithy, 17, Alfred, 14, Nelson, 5, Emily, 7, and Jarman, 2.

In the 1870 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: farmer Nelson Eatmon, 53; wife Marinda, 51; daughter Wilmouth, 31, and her children William, 13, Robert, 11, Margaret, 10, Crawford, 4, and Missouri, 7 months; children Grimsey, 25, Alfred, 23, Emily, 15, Nelson, 13, and Jarman Eatmon, 11.

Nelson Eatmon married Barbray Farmer on 9 September 1871 in Wilson County

On 28 January 1880, Eatmon married Eliza Locust. In the 1880 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: farmer Nelson Eatmon, 66, wife Eliza Eliza, 50, [step?]daughter Amanda Locus, 18, and Mary J. Locus, 14, “son-in-law” Asa Locus, 10, and “daughter-in-law” Lougene Locus, 4, Margaret Howard, 21, and Harriet Howard, 2. [The latter Locuses’ relationship designations are obviously erroneous.]


Zelous Howard married Rhoda H. Eatmon on 31 July 1853 in Nash County. [Zealous’ nickname was “Deal.” He was freeborn, but I have not located him in the 1850 or 1860 censuses.] Rhoda was the oldest daughter of Nelson and Marinda Locus Eatmon.]

In the 1870 census of Taylors township, Wilson County: farmer Delus Howard, 35, wife Rodah, 33, and children Mary, 16, Ira, 13, George, 11, Delus, 8, Gibbs, 6, Jesse, 3, and Doctor, 1.

In the 1880 census of Taylors township, close by Nelson Eatmon: farmer Zealous Howard, 50, wife Roda, 48, and children Zealous Jr., 19, James G., 16, Jesse, 15, Allison, 8, Kenan, 6, Anna, 4, and Doctor F., 11.

In the 1900 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: farmer Zealous Howard, 69, wife Roda, 64, daughter Anna, 24, and two bound boys Lonza, 15, and Jack Howard, 5.

In the 1910 census of Taylor township, Wilson County: Zelius Howard, 80, widower, living alone on Howard’s Path, along which several of his extended family lived.


  1. My Great, Great, Great grandfather was Zealous “Deal”Howard. I’m trying to gain more information about his land and property.

      1. Hi Cousin!
        He had a son named Ira, who was my Greatgreatgrandfather, who had a son named William I. Howard, who had a Son named Authur P. Howard, who had a son named Authur P. Howard Jr, who was my Father.
        contact me at 646 851 9029

      2. His son is Ira Howard, his son is William Ira Howard, his son is Authur Pue Howard, his son is Authur Pue Howard Jr, his sons are Authur Pue Howard the 3rd, and I’m Gary Holmes Howard his 2nd son.

  2. I am related to Zealous Howard as well (4th great grandfather). His son Zealous Howard Jr had John Wesley Howard who had John Wesley Howard Jr who had my grandmother Barbara Howard.

    1. I heard about Barbara Howard.
      Call me at 646 851 9029 or you can email me too.
      I’m interested in doing a documentary on Zealous Howard.
      Do you have any more information about him?

      1. I might not be related to Zealous Howard after all. There are a few John Wesley Howard’s. I do have information on Zealous though. What’s your email?

    2. Hi Cousin Danielle!
      I See jealous Jr. on many documents.
      I live a few miles from the gravesite of Our Great Great Greatgrandfather Zealous Howard Sr.
      contact me at betterbeve@yahoo.com or 646 851 9029
      We’re in the planning stages of a Zealous Howard Family reunion to have an opportunity for all of his descendants to gather.

    3. Hi cousin…contact me at betterbeve@yahoo.com
      Or call me at 646 851 9029
      I’m acquiring more info on my Howard roots.
      I would love to meet you.
      My GGGREATGRANDFATHER was Zelius (Zealous( Howard.
      His son IRA and Zealous JR. We’re brothers.

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